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For Tea Lovers


Is passionate about tea?

Visit us and enjoy the pleasure of tasting a wide variety of teas we offer, in a privileged

Large selection of top brands of teas among which are:

  • White Tea - Young leaves (new shoots of the bush) that have not been oxidized, the shoots may have been protected from the sun to prevent the formation of chlorophyll.
  • Green tea - no rust. A favorite in Asia, is so named because the leaves are dried and fragmented soon after being collected. Tea made from these leaves is temperate and cooler in flavor than other types of tea. Because of this, green tea is generally not served with milk or sugar. Some types of Gunpowder green tea, Sencha, and Gyokuro, a Japanese tea also known as pearl tea spray.
  • Pu-erh (普洱茶), also called red tea - is a subclass of black tea in red, an unusual product as they tend to park for a period of 50 years. It is considered a medicinal product in China.
  • Oolong (乌龙茶) - (Small Black Dragon), also called blue tea, with a degree of oxidation half. The oolong tea has characteristics of black teas and green teas. Its leaves are fermented for about half the time spent in the black tea. Much of the world's tea production is oolong tea and comes from the Fujian province of China where it originated. Formosa tea, named after the former name of Taiwan, is considered by many the finest type of oolong tea.
  • Black tea - substantial oxidation. Truly a tea brown, red and dark when done, fully flavored black tea is popular in Western nations. It is highly processed tea and stronger flavored. After the leaves are picked, fermented in open sun before being dried. The size of the tea leaves determines the gradation of black tea. The common black tea varieties include Ceylon, Assam and Darjeeling, considered by many the finest black tea.


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Cloudy in Otivar
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The viewpoint of the Pines
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mountains and sea
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Great Wines of the earth.

Delicious meats and grilled fish
Savor our homemade sausage and chorizo

And finally a wide assortment of homemade desserts.

  See you soon.