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Founded in the early 60's, by Antonio Fajardo and his wife, Mary Fernandez, Buena Vista Restaurant is a perfect example of the first catering business located in rural Granada.
In these years it was typical of the people do their own killing, for this reason as well as Buena Vista restaurant had its own slaughterhouse what that conduct their own favored homemade sausages, which otherwise caused that these were to become a specialty of Buena Vista

In the early 80's, two children and Marine Francisco Fajardo Fajardo, continue the family business, they reform the restaurant as we know it.
Although the place has changed considerably over this half century, the tradition and the roots of the excellent cuisine and recipes remain, and even making his famous homemade sausages.

This year (2012), occurs again generational change, moving the restaurant from father to son, thus keeping the formula of good work, providing customers with excellent service and cuisine forever.
Fajardo family home offered to enjoy one of the best kitchens in the area in a unique setting.

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The restaurant
comfortable to days
comfortable at night
Cloudy in Otivar
our Sierra
The viewpoint of the Pines
mountains and sea
mountains and sea
source viewpoint
Balcony viewing of Rio Verde


Great Wines of the earth.

Delicious meats and grilled fish
Savor our homemade sausage and chorizo

And finally a wide assortment of homemade desserts.

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